Tom Sands – Director | At a relatively tender age, Tom has already directed award-winning shorts and documentaries, commercials, corporate films, music videos, and ‘Backtrack’, his debut feature film starring Julian Glover. Tom has directed all of the work you can see on this website.

Mick Sands – Creative Consultant | Mick spent 20 years as a copywriter at top London agencies like Leagas Delaney, JWT and DDB, and won all the major advertising awards in the process. He has also had four screenplays and a sitcom optioned, and currently has one feature film in post-production and one in pre-production.

Phil Harris – Producer/Editor/ 1st AD | Phil was a successful music business entrepreneur, running clubs and music shops before moving into film. He has written, produced and directed dozens of music videos, where he developed his unique editing style. As assistant director, Phil’s organisational and people skills complement a thorough understanding of the film-making process. He is now working as a producer on Substantial’s next feature film.

Haydn West – Producer | Haydn has been head of a PR & Events company, Picture Editor of Metro Ireland, and a Documentarian. In each of these jobs, he demonstrated an innovative approach to seemingly insurmountable problems. To Haydn, no means maybe, and maybe means yes. Now what’s the question? E-mail him here.

Kirstie Howell – Head of Sales | Coming from a legal background, Kirstie brings a firm grasp of legal and business values to the world of film and video production. She is committed to delivering quality to our clients, which means that everyone else on this page had better get their act together. |E-mail her here.

Rachel Lamb – Head of Communications | With a background in advertising and marketing, Rachel has considerable experience working with every type of client, from blue chip brands to small independent companies. Rachel is a genuine people person and occasionally spends too long on the phone. E-mail her here.

We cultivate and nurture a network of talented creatives and technicians who work for us at competitive rates and complement our management team. These include:

Josh Biggs - Post-production | With a background in providing technical support to post-production facilities, Josh works primarily as a freelance editor (offline & online) and cameraman, but is also happy to provide photography, design, graphics, and technical support services.

Ramsay S James – Associate Director/Producer | Ramsay has extensive experience in anthropological documentary. He is the founder and Chairman of both the Visions Channel, an ecological IPTV channel, and A Purpose For Life Foundation, which promotes awareness of issues between people and the environment.

Haydn West – Director of Photography | Haydn is a man of many talents (see above). He has worked as a professional fine artist and a staff photographer for the Press Association. As a cinematographer, he blends his twin passions for art and photography, and sometimes he does little doodles on the call sheet.

Kirstie Howell –Sound Designer | As well as being our Head of Sales, Kirstie specialises in sound design for film and video. She covers all aspects of sound from pre- to post-production, including location sound recording, mixing and editing for both fictional and non-fictional video. She has a very fine pair of ears.